About Wildheart Ethical

The Wildheart premise is simple: Create beautiful, high-quality leggings that are manufactured ethically and friendly to the earth.

It’s not secret that it is still wide spread in the fashions world. A quick Google search gives us a picture of just how common it is today and the number of trusted big brands who continue to choose to engage in these practices.

Workers endure poor working conditions, long hours, low wages and other violations of labour rights. These conditions often exist developing countries where labour laws are often not enforced.

Heartbreakingly, the International Labour Organisation estimates that included in these statistics are many of the 70 million children worldwide currently engaged in child labour. This is a staggering 11% of the global population of children.

The reality is that none of it is necessary. Clothes can be made at home and abroad under ethical conditions. We just need to take a stand.

Wildheart has been designed with the ethically and eco-conscious in mind, with the hope that it soon becomes the norm around the world. Join us and help us make the world a better place!

Size Chart

Wildheart leggings are made from eco-friendly, recycled plastics that uses significantly less water in the production. They are kinder to the earth, and fit all body types!