About us


You’re a bright shining star, living your life, breezing out of your Yoga class and out to dinner with your besties, and dreaming of your next holiday.

And we’re JUST LIKE YOU!

We create beautiful, eco-friendly leggings for women like you, who are busy, wild and free. Our leggings are ethically made, so you can go about your day knowing you’re wearing the best in ethically made, eco-friendly gear that is also fashion forward.

Move closer to kindness, one step at a time. Start with this.

Reality of fashion world.

We’re changing the way you think about fashion, one pair of leggings at a time.


We live in a world where we have access to everything quickly and cheaply at our fingertips. But do you know how your cheap clothing and activewear, is made? Where the material came from? The condition of the factories in which they were made, or the true amount the workers are paid. Are you aware of the impact that the fast paced manufacturing has on the environment?

The dark realities of the the fashion industry in this modern age is both surprising, and alarming.

We believe that you don’t need need to compromise on kindness to be being fashionable and look wild! Say yes to our alternative.


Our pants are ethically made

Our yoga pants are ethically made in Canada and the U.S. by free-spirited adventurers, for free-spirited adventures. We believe in the quality and integrity of slow fashion, and this is exactly how we make your pants with care and love.

We believe in always choosing quality, and for this reason we’ve put a lot of work into creating our pants. We’ve sourced the best quality, manufacturing processes and your pants are made-to-order in small family-run business, where everyone benefits, an there’s no wastage.

Even our fabrics are ethically made!

Life is meant to be a thrilling, exciting, adventure. Enjoy the ride, and always remember to be kind, wild, free and true to yourself.


Our promise to you

Not only are our leggings ethically made and better for the Earth, they are also great quality. We have taken the time find the best materials and manufacturing processes to ensure that every pair moves and sweats with you through every asana, run, walk, ride and Barre class; and still looks and feels great! So all you have to do is be wild and run free!

Size Chart

Wildheart leggings are made from eco-friendly, recycled plastics that uses significantly less water in the production. They are kinder to the earth, and fit all body types!